What is Digital  marketing:

Digital marketing is online marketing .its help to connect directly customers. It denotes the application of all marketing techniques to digital channels. In order to promote services and products different sources can be used  .For example Facebook , Search engines, Email, Websites, Instagram ,twitter, YouTube ,Social media and Mobile devices. To promote one’s business with a cost-effective manner, the digital nature of this marketing plays a vital role. Basically, Organization’s marketing objective reflects the use of Digital Marketing. It could be that the organization wants to generate more leads, build their brands, increase sales ,improve brand engagement.

Digital marketing means  having a website. The website needs to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate,  needs to have quality content to reflect the nature of the business. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important factor as well. Search engines need to read and index the website properly. There are content and SEO specialists who can help organization’s to design websites ,which are responsive and accessed through all devices. It is involves managing the organization’s social media presence , interacting with fans as well as marketing the business across major social media channels.

digital marketing

History of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing 1st appeared as a term in the 1990s but it was very different world then . Web 1.0 was primarily static content with very little interaction and no real communities . The 1st banner advertising started in 1993  and the 1st web crawler (called WebCrawler)  was created in 1994- this was the beginning of search engine optimization (SEO) as we know it .

Types of Digital marketing:

There are two types of digital marketing . one of these is ” pull digital marketing ” .another one is “push digital marketing”.   pull digital marketing aims to encourage consumer to come to you and visiting your business or making a call to action .Some of the common example  are website ,you tube ,social media and   other internet-based mediums. pull digital marketing is in other word  inbound marketing. Push digital marketing are pushes the marketing information directly to your customers. Example are SMS ,email that target the customer  with a customized message .Push digital marketing can also  called outbound marketing.

Benefits of Digital marketing:                                                                                                                                           Benefits of digital  marketing are most important for our business .It help us make  any business decisions. Benefits of digital marketing are:

  • you can target  audience :

     you can tailor a campaign to specific audience demographics such as gender location ,age and interests. This means your campaign will be more effective. you can target buyer.

  • your audience can choose how they want to receive your content : 

    while one person likes to read a blog post and another person likes to watch a YouTube video. Traditional marketing doesn’t give the audience a choice .most people hate receiving sales flyers in their mailbox or phone calls at inconvenient times on  stuff that they have little interest in. online people get the choice to option in or out of communications and often it are relevant because they were the ones searching for it in the first place.

  • Interaction with your audience is possible with the use of social media networks:   

    Traditional marketing methods don’t allow for audience interaction. You can encourage your prospects, clients and followers to take action. You can  visit website and read about your products and services, rate them and  buy them and provide feedback which is visible to your market.

  •  cost-efficient:Benefits of digital marketing is that it is the most cost efficient to market your business .Cost -efficient service are compare to another marketing form. However, with affordable tactics, small businesses can get more for their marketing spend.
  • Data  results are  recorded:

    Google Analytics in addition the insights tools offered by most social media channels, you can check on your campaigns at any time. traditional marketing methods, you can see in real time what is or is not working for your business online and you can adapt very quickly to improve your results.

  •  Level playing field:

    Any business can compete with any competitor regardless of size with a solid strategy. Traditionally a smaller retailer would struggle to match the finesse of the fixtures and fittings of its larger competitors. Online, a crisp well thought out site with a smooth customer journey and fantastic service is king –not size.

  • Real time results:                                                                                                                                          You don’t have to wait weeks for a boost to your business.  you would have to waiting for a fax or form to be returned. You can see the numbers of visitors to your site and its subscribers increase , peak trading times, conversion rates and much more at the touch of a button.
  • Brand Development: 

    A well maintained website with quality content targeting the needs .website are adding value to your target audience can provide significant value and lead generation opportunities.

  • SEO and local SEO help to reach online buyer:                                                                              SEO are help to reach online buyer that offer to variety of benefit. SEO are not nationally. It is work internationally. It is help to optimize your site contain for the search engine .If you search google ,28% of search results nearby in a purchase. Local SEO, and optimizing your website for local search results, can also be a valuable  tactic for businesses that operate in specific geographic locations, for example brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, and other service-based business.

  • Viral:

    How often do your sales flyers get passed around instantly by your customers
    and prospects? Online  using social media share buttons on your website, email and
    social media channels enables your message to be shared incredibly quickly. If you
    consider the average Facebook user has 190 friends of which an average of 12% see
    their liked posts –your one message has actually  seen 15 new prospects. Now
    imagine a number of them also like , share your message and their friends do the
    same. That’s why high-quality content is so important.

The reality is the digital age is here. Those organizations are neglect to adjust to the  Digital Marketing atmosphere are at incredible danger of going wiped out within the near future.

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