Have you any idea how many people are actively using Facebook in your country or how many active users Facebook has around the world?

Worldwide around 2.5 billion monthly active users and 1.2 billion daily active people are using Facebook. For this active user, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool nowadays. This is one of the biggest social media platforms for expand your business or reach your target customer nowadays.

So today I share Some Best Basic Facebook marketing strategy tips as a social media marketing expert for all of my friends, Hope in this new year those tips will be help you grow your business page.

1.Create a page on a specific topic or niche:

When you want to start a business page you have to keep in your mind that it’s also a marketplace where you told your customer about your business. If you open a page give a simple name and a few days later you change your page name. it embarrasses customers or audiences about your business.

2.Upload a good logo and add a CTA (call to action) button on your page:

The logo is a very important thing to make your business a brand on the market. Most people have uploaded a normal logo pic on their Facebook business page it’s a big mistake for a brand. Upload a good resolution pic. Caz logo gives an overview to your audience about your business.

3.Always Post with an Eye-Catching pic.

Get more attention use an Eye-Catching pic with your post.  Around 70% of Facebook users have ignored text posts.  for this reason, sometimes people are missing informative post also. so, when you publish any post then must use a good Eye-Catching pic. This Facebook marketing strategy help you get more audience.

4.Post Facebook business page Stories:

page Stories is the most effective things to get more audience. if you post stories then your page makes a good position on the audience’s mind. Believe me, this is very much effective for getting more attention. I personally use this trick for my page.

5.published a minimum of 5 content in a week.:

you make a page but there is no activity then how you can increase your audience or you create a Facebook business page but when the audience visits your page, they see the old activity on your page so the audience thinks that those businesses are not active to serve their customer. for that reason, upload minimum 5 posts on your Facebook business page.

6.Use related hashtags when you share any post on your page:

we see uses of hashtags on Instagram but it also an effective tool for Facebook also. It’s a deep process for engaging the audience on your Facebook page. I suggest two free hostage sites which helps you take an idea. those are ALLhastage and Ritetag.

7.Experiment with Different Posting Times.

understand your audience’s mind schedule you should upload your content. which time more users are using Facebook. you have to understand it very well so you have to upload posts and Experiment with Different Posting Times.

8.Create Facebook Groups related to your business page topic.

Make a Facebook group and add your target audience when you uploaded any post on your Facebook business page then share it also on that group. It’s a very easy Facebook marketing strategy to get more audience on your Facebook business page.


9.Sometimes take Feedback from customers about your business through Ask Questions & Polls vote.

what people think about your business or understanding the customer better you should take feedback from your customer. it helps you to improve your business and what customer expectation from you. so Sometimes take Feedback from customers about your business through Ask Questions & Polls vote. It is one of my favorite Facebook marketing strategies.

10.Share your Facebook business page outside Facebook:

If you want to improve engagement on your Facebook page, you need to find more ways to bring outside Facebook.it is the best Facebook marketing strategy for engaging more customers

you can catch that customer who is on Facebook and know about your page. but if you want to target more customers then you share your page with another platform also. upload some informative posts to give your audience a reason to become your Facebook follower. Share your Facebook page link in Gmail signature also.

11.To get more customers on your business page Use Facebook Ads and Optimize Them Often.

Now Facebook is a massive platform for its active user. they always develop their platform for business. Many marketers who have tried Facebook ads in their early days, but can’t achieve the success they decided that Facebook advertising doesn’t work. failure person does this to promote their page. If you want to expand your business or be a brand through Facebook then run Facebook Ads and Optimize Them Often. You get real customers on your Facebook page. basically, Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information.After creating an ad, you set a budget and bid for each click or thousand impressions that your ad will receive. Many of these options are only available on Facebook.


So those are basic Facebook marketing strategy Tips. You want to learn more about Facebook’s marketing strategy. Don’t hesitate to Massage me on social media platforms. Just search on google “Atik bin Issssmail”

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