What does LinkedIn :

LinkedIn is the most important and largest professional Social media Marketing networking  and Job oriented website  . LinkedIn mainly use for  professional networking  and career development. It use for  find the right job and improve to connect with people  and build up our  professional career and relationships .  If we liked to connect with business-oriented on social networking site, however LinkedIn is one of the most important website which competent to connect with target audience and business oriented people. It is  also a social marketing website designed specifically for the business community.





Social Media Marketing



About LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Mission:

The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.

LinkedIn Vision:

Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

LinkedIn core Values:

Each one of us is here to transform ourselves, our business and our world for the better and accuracy. We don’t believe the ends validate that means to do the right thing in alliance and connect the world’s specialists to make them more dynamic and efficacious today .Subsequently we need to connect with LinkedIn,  the most important part of social media Marketing website.

Advantages of Using LinkedIn :

  • Opportunity to show our skills to expertise
  • exceptional opportunity to find  valuable contact.
  • Connect with expertise and to converse with them. It is known worldwide as the best professional network.
  • LinkedIn the networking site where it possible to recruit highest quality of talent
  • Sales Navigator On LinkedIn is a powerful set of search aptitudes which improved visibility into extended networks and personalized processes to help us to reach the right conclusion.
  • Get connected with LinkedIn which built for networking
  • Promote our brand as an authority
  • New idea or a product that’s just been launched, it is the place to ask for feedback from people
  • LinkedIn allow to generate leads comparatively reasonable
  • News and business posts can be enlightening and inspirational.
  • Help to rank name on Google
  • LinkedIn can research companies its employees.

LinkedIn Activity:

We Know that LinkedIn take most important part in social media marketing ,give some important LinkedIn activities in below

  • Connecting with different type of  user, as well as following and recommending them.
  • Following a company and liking or comments on their update.
  • Like or comments on any update or post .
  • Joining groups, posting to groups and comment or likes someone else’s group post or comments .
  • Adding an update or publishing  post.
  • New connections
  • New Job opportunities
  • shared Updates connections
  • companies Updates which followed
  • Trending news
  • Group discussions
  • Profile changes

    Type of of LinkedIn Page:

     LinkedIn Page acts as the expression of our Professional profile and organization information. It helps to know more about our profile and business, brand, products and services and job opportunities. To interact with people or target audience on LinkedIn as an organization, you must have a LinkedIn Page. It  is the most important part of the world’s largest professional network on the website.

     There are mainly 2 types of LinkedIn page

    Personal pages:

     LinkedIn is an important social marketing network that focuses on professional networking and career development. Where we display our profile or resume in LinkedIn to search jobs and enhance our professional reputation by posting updates and networking with other people.

    Building a LinkedIn profile that gets a great result:


    To make the most important things in LinkedIn profile, we use to all our space wisely and this starts with our headline. Firstly we edit headline to be more than just for job description.  more specific about whether our goal on a mission, to make access to crystal clean in some part of the world or specialized in disaster relief. Make headline as compelling as possible—in fact, if we brand statement makes sense to use.


    It is the place where our really get to go into detail. Still what we learned about ourselves, including our key values, passions, strengths, opinions, and personality. talk about our one-line brand statement—what makes well of us and support it with goals that show off our desire and key accomplishments that reflect our skills.


    Experience section as a bigger, better, more interactive version of our resume, this is the place to share where and how we’ve done and just how well we’ve done it. Moreover the important thing to consider here is highlighting the responsibilities that align with our brand.

    Endorsements and Recommendations

    Consequently LinkedIn’s best features is how easy to get to endorsements and recommendations. Its makes getting validation for our expertise straight forward and the more buy-in we have from others, the easier it is to get new buy-in. For endorsements, add around 10 skills—those that best reflect the skills and experiences we want to be most known for.

    Finishing Touches

    To finish up, customize our LinkedIn URL (name or your name plus our field, if you have a common name) and join a few targeted groups in our industry or area of expertise. It is very important part of social media. Also, be sure to follow relevant news, through LinkedIn influencers and channels, as well as companies. Stay on top of what’s happening and better yet, share what we’ve learned.  By regular posting links to interesting articles, thoughts on what’s happening in our industry or even our own work, we should show anyone who views our profile that knowledgeable about current events and trends in on our area of expertise.

    Company pages:


    LinkedIn is a important part of social marketing. Company or Business page of LinkedIn which provide company with another way to promote products or services. We introduce our products/services, describe the benefits to followers of the company, and share link which lead to Company website. Help of LinkedIn business page.

    we create  page  in LinkedIn is called Showcase page

Powerful LinkedIn tools which grow business:

We always try to see our business on the highest level so we need to follow below tools to achieve our goal.

  • Identify goals.
  • Complete our company profile.
  • Optimize our page for search.
  • start sharing content
  • Grow our network.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.
  • Always measure the results.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy:

It is very important to know who are existing audience. A successful LinkedIn marketing strategy focuses on understanding who are audience and what they like. LinkedIn business allows to build integrity, create a significant network, and gather insider expertise from established experts in industry. LinkedIn can help brands generate leads and promote business via both social updates and B2B interactions. Having a strong LinkedIn marketing plan is an essential part of modern business strategies , as it has been proven to be the most popular platform amongst business owners.

Define LinkedIn Marketing Goals:

LinkedIn is a important part of social marketing. We need to defining campaign  and setting our goals. we need to define exactly which our activity in  LinkedIn marketing campaign and what we achieve from it. We want our goals to be SMARTSpecific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. In particular and need to confirm that we use some appropriate metrics to measure the success of our campaign.

Target Audience:

Social marketing success depending on target audience tastes and interests. We need to know the characteristics of the people who like to buy the product, ahead of the business for whom they effort. We must sell B2B product.  Companies manager would make the decision or give recommendations on purchase. If we already have a LinkedIn company page, we can go to our analytics to give a reasonable idea of the types of people who taking an interest in our page and give their valuable recommendation and comments. consequently LinkedIn is the most important and powerful social networking which reach to fulfil to  target audience.

Perfect Company Page:

LinkedIn has two types of pages:

LinkedIn will create a company page where we add content and fill in the gaps. An eye-catching instructive company page is very important for any business on LinkedIn. It will be one of the most prospective place for target audience on LinkedIn. We should envisage it as a virtual store, where sell items or just use LinkedIn to build brand appreciation. LinkedIn company page is a perfect place to narrate all the positive stories the business where we highlight team and any awards you have won. LinkedIn company page to highlight the public expressions of organization.


Promote Company Page:

Perfect use of keywords may help company page appear in LinkedIn searches, if we want people find the site we need to give it a boost.  We must have taken opportunity to promote our business page whenever we get chance.Whenever anyone followed the page, they will see new posts and updates in their feedstuff which keep fresh in their mind. In LinkedIn page , add link to email signature and newsletters.


Create and Share Useful Engaging Content:

Most importantly LinkedIn is a more “grown-up” and social networking place  where it is perfect site to create and share blog posts that will interest target people . LinkedIn is mainly suitable to alleged Leadership type articles to determine expertise in to niche. We can share links of posts, uploaded to existing blog. Meanwhile LinkedIn’s algorithm favors material to published on this platform .

Use Images and Other Media in Your Content:

A good visual is always lead to better engagement .Therefore we should normally add the image or text to a text-based article. Meanwhile the text is  meet the post subsequently  we should use visual media to exaggerate on it. In most cases  will be the image or videos which attract someone’s attention and bring them to read the article. Similarly if creating a post for the  Publishing Platform, we can add multimedia anywhere within the article ,such as images, videos, podcasts, slides, tweets, and others.

Be Active in LinkedIn Groups:

We can appear social on LinkedIn, to participate in discussions on LinkedIn Groups. It is exceptional way to network with other business professionals. Though we are selective about the groups joining, we should be able to focus on collaborating with our target audience .

Include LinkedIn Ads in Your Campaign:

We can boost our brand’s performance on LinkedIn by buying ads. LinkedIn has extensive targeting capabilities  to ensure LinkedIn delivers ads to target audience.

The ads we can buy include:

Firstly Sponsored content – here, we pay to amplify the content we share. This means our posts reach a much larger audience which could achieve organically

Secondly Text ads – PPC ads that appear on various LinkedIn pages, for example, the LinkedIn home page, profile pages, search results pages, and Group pages.

and finally Sponsored in Mail – Which allow to send personalized messages to LinkedIn members – like email marketing which done within LinkedIn

Study Your LinkedIn Analytics:

We should select goals for our LinkedIn marketing campaign which is SMART. One of these requirements is that our goals are Measurable. We should take the time to check our development towards meeting those goals.

We will find the relevant data in LinkedIn Analytics for our company page. This will give us vital improvement about the visitors on our page and how they have engaged with us.

There is a lots of benefits to LinkedIn, which confidently persuaded us because it’s a most powerful professional tools. However we build to maintain our network which search for jobs and build professional reputation and aspects associated with job experience. Its offers mass of methods to reach our targeting audience, reaching from the criteria  which linked to the company. Using the right combination of targeting options which can create an audience to reach our goal. Therefore as a result it is clear that in today’s world  LinkedIn is the most important part of social marketing network.



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