Facebook ads manager are use to business purpose. It is working for campaign ,boost and promotion .Facebook Ads manager are create own platform. where you are broadly elaborate boosting. If you are use Facebook for business then you should be using ads manager. Its a necessary tool that keep your Facebook assets are safe.

Ads manager

First of all we are select our goal then we are promotion our contain. Facebook ads manager are given :

1.Get more message

2.Boost a post

3.promotion your page

4.Get more calls

5.promotion your business locally

6.Get more website visitor.

7.Get more leads.

If you are boost your page hugely then you should click promote your page .If you are get more massage then you should click get more massage. If you are increase get more leads, website visitor then you will click get more leads , Get more website visitor.

Work for ads manager:

Facebook ads manager are control multiple users accesses to additional  assets like Facebook ,Instagram ,message and product catalogs. Here are some key function :

  • Its keep your business activities separate form your personal account.
  • Its a place to track to Facebook ads ,with a details reports are  showing how are your ads performing.
  • It allow you to give partner’s and agency to your pages and ads.
  • co-workers don’t look your personal Facebook account information. They are only see your name ,work email, page and ads account.

How to set up ads  manager:


1.create a  Facebook ads manager account : First setup ads manager is create an account . you will need to use personal  Facebook account . Go to and click to create bottom.




  • Enter your business page name your name ,email address you wants to use to manage your account. Then click next.
  • Enter your business details like address, phone number and website. Then submit.
  • cheek email address and conform now click.

2.Add your Facebook business page:

From the business manager Dashboard then click add page then click add page again. Then Facebook add page click and manage account.

Business manager

3.Add your Facebook ad accounts: 

Facebook account are add business ad manager dashboard, click add account. Then create account. Enter your account details then click

4.add people to manage your account and connect to business partner: 

Facebook business manager are add to people to manage your account .business manager dashboard click add people .In the left ,click page menu. Then work to page. In the top of right then click left menu ,click partner.

business manager users

5.Add your Instagram account:

your can connect your Instagram account to manage business account .Then click add account. Account will be added.

7.Setup Facebook pixels:

  • Business manager dashboard ,click business settings
  • In the left menu ,extend the data source menu ,click pixels and add .
  • Enter a name for your pixel.
  • click setup the pixel
  • Then it will be setup Facebook pixels . you will be created 10 pixels.

create your first campaign in Facebook business manager:

your account are setup and pixels are in place then you will make first Facebook ad.

click the create bottom then create campaign .you will choose your campaign then choose target audience, location , budget ,schedule types contain and image .then published the ads.


You are create business manager and you will work easily. Facebook business manager to make most of Facebook ads. you will save your time and your budget. It is  help for Facebook marketing.

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