Facebook marketing:

in this era of digital marketing, people choose Facebook first. the reason is very simple. They look for maximum reach that only ensures facebook. About 2.5 billion people join Facebook every month to connect with friends, family, and acquaintance. Nowadays for just for marketing, people start their business through Facebook. There might arise a question in your head. why use Facebook? there are tons of other social media that are also popular for connecting people. and, there’s the catch. Facebook offers numerous paths to promote your product or service that no other social media offers till now.

The attributes of Facebook marketing
Facebook Marketing

Why Facebook marketing?

Facebook has that attractive user interface, that compels the users to love it after the first use. User-friendliness is the key to its success. As more people are on Facebook, it is easier to reach the target market. Also, the interesting thing is with Facebook, you can target the desired customers and create multiple locations with the perfect demographics for your business products or services. It offers just what you need and that is the success of Facebook marketing. People are more driven to Facebook marketing for its easy access to the promotional campaigns for those who have their business pages. In a way, Facebook has inspired a lot of people to do business online who would not have the confidence and most importantly the resources for their start-up offline. Facebook is built to help meet specific targets and goals.

What is Facebook ad manager?

To show the dashboard of ad manager in facebook
Ad Manager

Ad Manager is where you would run your promotional campaigns for your business page. when you go to your page and click on create, it will take you to the ad manager in another tab. there you can run the promotional campaign.  The ad manager will help to set up ads or create new ad sets or ads as well as optimize the ad campaigns. it also offers to manage your bids for each boost. for example, you would want to run your campaign for three days and Facebook will show the preview of reach and engagement in this timeframe and budget. Now, what are engagement and reach? we will learn later in the article. moving forward, the ad manager helps you to target your desired demographics and keep track of the campaigns and their effectiveness.

How would you know the right campaign for your Facebook marketing on page:

Your ad campaigns depend on the objective of your promotions. the ad campaigns influence your customers immensely that it compels you to visit the page or watch their ad campaign.  For example, you run a cosmetic business and have created a website. Now, you want to increase visitors to the page. In this context, you have to run the conversion campaign. there are several other campaigns through which you will get an insight into the ad campaigns.

To show the ways of brand awareness in facebook
Brand Awareness

Brand awareness:

when the business has already promoted an advertisement and again wants to see if the audience recall the advertisement or not. the Brand awareness objective estimates the number of people would remember the ad.


The number of unique people the advertisement has reached to. the post or content you promoted has reached to the audience through likes, share, comments, and visit.


When you want to promote or increase visit to your app, website, or through messenger, the traffic campaign is the ideal one. It will redirect your audience to your app, website, or messenger as they click on your content. It will drive your audience to your desired destination.


The involvement of people with your business page or a particular post can create engagement through likes, shares, and comments. In addition to that, check-ins and tags are counted as the engagement too.

Lead Generation:

When you want to create interest in your product to the audiences, then you run the lead generation campaign. the lead generation campaign recognizes interest through a form.

Tactics to increase engagement in Facebook marketing
Tactics to increase engagement


For people to track the visits and actions of the website or app for your business. You can track the conversions campaign with facebook pixel. To do this, the carousel post with the website link will be an optimal choice for this campaign.

Store traffic:

a localized Facebook ad that will ensure foot traffic to the stores. this is mainly for whom has multiple physical stores in different areas. the campaign is run to increase the local store traffic.


The message ad enables the audience to direct them to the messages. When your business is running an ad and there would be a send a message, contact now, book now etc. options and which will directly take the audience to the messages and they can inquire the information they need for the particular ad.

What type of facebook post would you recommend?

when You would run a campaign, you think of how attractive can it be? and What to do to make the ad compelling. the selection of the type of post-play the most important role here. your post should be relevant to your business and product services. To maintain that relevancy and Create an effective post, you need to know the type of post would be preferable as per the product and services.

The type of posts in Facebook
Post Types

photo carousel:

The most popular type of post in Facebook. People use Carousel for more visuals of the posts. with an arrow, the audience can see variety of products or services. the photo carousel requires a destination URL to redirect the audience to the website or facebook page.

photo or video:

Fcaebook offers unlimited photos for posts and 1.7 gb limit on videos to upload. it can be scheduled to be posted later.

Create an album:

An album shows a particular content or product or service for your business page. Such as your gadget business has headsets and mobile phones. You post all the headsets in one album and the phones in another and these have to be posted in real times.

Slide show:

To provide a quick overview of all the products of your business page, a slide show is an optimum choice of post.





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