Digital marketing importance in 2021

Digital marketing importance would be increased in 2021, If we want to maintain better communication trends in the upcoming 2021 so we definitely need to be active on the social platform otherwise we will fall behind the market.  

We can study the last few year’s trends that people are more interacting with any business through the internet on social media more than a physical visit to the shop, and in 2020 sudden attack of covid-19 has increased the popularity of online shopping. So who wasn’t very serious about their online promotion and selling, it has become a time to pay attention to make their business digitalized, so 2021 gonna be a blessing year for digital marketers because we can assure that these trends will be continuing even after post covid. We are gonna discuss the importance of digital marketing in 2021 in this article.

Before discussing the rest we need to understand what is digital marketing:

                                                          Digital marketing

Digital marketing is marketing using digital tools like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin.

Digital marketing is capable of cutting costs:

It is less expensive compare to other moods of marketing, because of pandemic every company is going through a hard time. Digital marketing is profitable because it has a high ROI and has a great opportunity to reach of audience. 

Cutting cost


Changing customer behavior and voice search on digital marketing:

customers are getting more into AI for their every work and voice search is becoming more popular day by day. Such as Siri or Alexa are two popular AI or voice search. Few studies have shown 70% of searches gonna be done by a voice by 2021. So, SEO can make your business grow first in digital marketing. 

                                                  Voice search

Smooth shopping experience and follow-up on digital marketing:

If sellers want to give a great shopping experience to their customers, so they have to make apps and need to sync their web with social media and apps so that, they will able to keep an eye on their customers. so digital marketing will be important for this.

                                               Follow-up customer

Increasing social media uses impact on digital marketing:

Peoples are using social media most of the time so it has become easy to grab attention for product marketing. A survey showed that 60% of IG users would find new products on social media platforms and 70% searched has performed by a mobile device.

                                                                  Social media

Making videos:

By 2021 video making will be the backbone of digital marketing. A report showed that 60% of customer has said they don’t buy any product without watching a video review. So, your Youtube marketing will give your customers a picture of clear image of your product and help out them to make a purchase decision.

                                                               Video making

Social media influencer:

Nowadays we can see lots of people becoming the social media influencer, they have taken this as a profession and there is a huge opportunity to take social media business to another level. 

1. IG influencer
2. Youtube influencer
                                              Social media influencer


Email Marketing: 

Email marketing can be the most impactful marketing in the upcoming year, it is a great opportunity to interact with customers directly with the conversation. It is affordable, easy to reach the custom audience and a convenient way to keep updated customers with new offers and deals.  

                                                          E-mail marketing


The trend to digital display marketing:

A US survey has shown that 86.3% of programmatic ads will have a digital display by 2021. So, in that case, detailed targeting will be the ultimate king to target the targeted audience. 

                                                              Display marketing

Content marketing will be more crucial than ever:

Content is the reason why people visit your web, videos, or images even you are reading my article, it’s all about content. So it will increase the volume of digital sales ultimately. 

                                                           Content marketing


Article content for affiliate marketing:

This field has a great scope of sored your business like crazy. Good content will ensure you make a permanent income from the affiliate business. Keywords research will help you to SEO your web. in digital marketing affiliate marketing is one of the vital element.

                                                    Affiliate marketing

Chatbot powered by AI :

With the help of this AI department of customer care to be capable answer a large number of queries in a short time and supporting customers 24X7. A survey showed that 89% of business owners said that, they want to serve their customers with AI chatbot in DGM. 

                              Chatbot AI

Advertising via messages:

massaging apps Fb messenger, WeChat, Whatsapp, and conversation are becoming popular day by day. Peoples are more comfortable with those ways to connect with an online business. Fb messenger apps have more than 15 million messengers between customers and businesses these trends will increase more by 2021 in DGM. 

                                                  E-mail marketing 

Above all the information will help you to why DGM would be important in 2021. Hopefully, this article will help you to understand the value of DGM in your business and personal life. 


Hope you enjoyed reading.



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